Unit: Vector Drawing


4 lessons of 6 planned

The drawing tools

In this lesson learners will be introduced to vector drawings and begin to have an understanding that they are made up of simple shapes and lines. Learners will use the main drawing tools within a software package. This unit is written assuming the use of Google Drawings (docs.google.com/drawings/) but other packages such as Microsoft Publisher, or Microsoft PowerPoint can be used if preferred. Learners will discuss how vector drawings differ from paper-based drawings.

Create a vector drawing

During this lesson learners will begin to identify the shapes that are used to make vector drawings. They will be able to explain that each element of a vector drawing is called an ‘object’. Learners will create their own vector drawing by moving, resizing, rotating, and changing the colours of a selection of objects. They will also learn how to duplicate the objects to save time.

Being effective

During this lesson learners will increase the complexity of their vector drawings, using the Zoom tool to add detail to their work. They will be shown how grids and resize handles can improve the consistency of their drawings. Learners will also use tools to modify objects and create different effects.

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