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Unit Overview: Forever friends


4 lessons

Who am I?

In this lesson, we will explore a new topic of friendships. We will discuss the qualities of a good friend and also how our actions can impact others. We will then think about acts of kindness that we can do for others.

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That's not fair

In this lesson, we continue on the theme of friendship. We will look at a range of scenarios that commonly occur amongst friends and discuss whether they are fair or unfair. We will then consider how we can act fairly to everyone and not just our close friends.

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Forever friends

In this lesson, we will think about what we can do if we experience or witness someone being unkind. We will read a story about kindness and understand that our actions can have a positive and negative impact on others.

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Listening ears

In this lesson, we will learn the importance of listening in friendships. We will learn new strategies to show other people that we are listening and that we are showing interest in what they are saying. We will then consider ways of resolving a simple argument including forgiveness.

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