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Unit Overview: Rhetoric: Change: Michelle Obama & Lennie James

For next step we recommend the unit: Rhetoric: Motivate: Churchill & Gandhi.

For next step we recommend the unit: Rhetoric: Introduction to rhetoric.


5 lessons

Using rhetoric to write a letter to your younger self

In this lesson, we will use rhetoric to allow us to write our own 'a letter to myself'. We will do this by drawing from our experience of the rhetoric form so far. We will consider how to structure a response that would persuade our younger self to take our good advice and think about why people might write letters to themselves in times of difficulty.

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Comparing Obama and James' use of rhetoric in the letter form

In this lesson, we will compare the differences and similarities in the use of letter form as a way to encourage change by Michelle Obama and Lennie James. We will explore the key purpose of both letters. We will then study how both writers use rhetoric in similar or differing ways to reflect on the change that impacted themselves, others, and the world as a result.

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  • 31m Video
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