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Unit Overview: Buddhism

National Curriculum

What makes Buddhism unique?


10 lessons

Who was Siddhartha Gautama?

In this lesson we will be learning about Siddhartha Gautama. He is the first individual to have achieved enlightenment through the practice of meditation. He became known as Buddha, which means 'the enlightened one'. We will learn about his life and his journey to enlightenment.

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Who is the Dalai Lama?

In this final lesson on Buddhism, we will begin learning about reincarnation, which is the Buddhist notion of rebirth. We will learn about karma and the belief that a being's actions determine whether the rebirth is positive or negative. We will then go on to learn about the Dalai Lama, who is someone some Buddhists believe has reached enlightenment, but remains on Earth to help others reach enlightenment or Nirvana.

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