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RSHE (PSHE)Year 1 / Key Stage 1

Below you’ll find the units for Year 1 RSHE (PSHE). You can view the units, and individual lessons within them, as well as accessing resources to download and edit. You can also download the Year 1 RSHE (PSHE) curriculum document.

Some units unavailable

Unfortunately some units in this subject are no longer available.

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8 units

1. Me, you and us!

RHE Mandatory Programme

6 lessons

2. Forever friends

RHE Mandatory Programme

3 / 4 lessons

4. I know my rights!

RHE Mandatory Programme

6 lessons

5. Stop the spread!

RHE Mandatory Programme

4 lessons

6. It's OK not to be OK!

RHE Mandatory Programme

5 lessons

7. Stop, think, stay safe!

RHE Mandatory Programme

3 lessons

8. Lockdown capsule

PSHE Special Series - Current Affairs - Coronavirus

5 / 6 lessons