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Lesson overview:Introduction to same difference

  • In this lesson, we will learn about the 'same difference' strategy.
  • In this lesson, we will learn about the 'same difference' strategy.

Extending calculation strategies and additive reasoning:

  1. Adjusting addends
  2. Same sum' with larger numbers
  3. Same sum' with decimals
  4. Balancing equations using the 'same sum' strategy
  5. Balancing equations using compensation
  6. Balancing equations: Does the order of addends matter?
  7. Increasing an addend
  8. Decreasing an addend
  9. Solve calculations mentally by relating them to known facts
  10. Find an unknown addend
  11. Introduction to same difference
  12. Same difference in context
  13. Use the Language of Minuend, Subtrahend, and Difference
  14. Transform calculations using the same difference
  15. Practice: Transforming Calculations to Make Them Easier to Solve Mentally
  16. Transform a subtraction calculation to make the written algorithm easier to apply
  17. Practice: 'Same Difference' in Different Contexts
  18. Balancing equations to find unknown values
  19. Explore how the difference changes when only the Minuend is changed
  20. Apply the generalisation about how the minuend and difference change to solve problems
  21. Explore how the generalisation can be used as a mental calculation strategy using Known facts
  22. Thinking flexibly
  23. Comparing Strategies
  24. The more we subtract, the less we are left with. The less we subtract...
  25. Contexts where the Minuend is Kept the Same, and the Subtrahend Increases
  26. Contexts where the minuend is kept the same, and the Subtrahend decreases
  27. Further practice to reason about how the change in the subtrahend changes the difference
  28. Explore problems in which the new difference must be found
  29. Balance Equations Where the Compensation Property of Same Sum Cannot Efficiently be Applied
  30. Balance Equations Where the Compensation Property of Same Difference Cannot Efficiently be Applied