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Lesson overview:Explore the enquiries. What was Elizabeth I's greatest challenge?

Elizabeth I: Meeting the challenge, 1558-1588:

  1. Why did Elizabeth's background and character impact on her early reign?
  2. How was Elizabethan society structured and what challenges did it pose?
  3. How was Elizabethan government structured and what challenges did it pose?
  4. How bad were Elizabeth's financial problems?
  5. What challenges did Elizabeth face from abroad?
  6. Explore the enquiry: How challenging were Elizabeth's early years?
  7. Why did the different religious groups concern Elizabeth?
  8. How did Elizabeth's settlement try to deal with the religious problems?
  9. How difficult was the settlement to enforce?
  10. To what extent did Puritans and Catholics challenge the religious settlement?
  11. How did the key foreign powers react to the settlement?
  12. Why was Mary, Queen of Scots a problem?
  13. Explore the enquiries: Judgement lesson on the enquiries
  14. What made the Northern Earls Revolt in 1569?
  15. How significant a threat did the Revolt of the Northern Earls pose to Elizabeth?
  16. How threatening were Catholic plots after 1570?
  17. Why was Mary Queen of Scots executed in 1587?
  18. How did developments in the New World contribute to the breakdown of relations between England and Spain?
  19. Why did Elizabeth's relationship with Spain deteriorate due to political challenges?
  20. How did Elizabeth's direct action provoke all-out war with Spain?
  21. Why was the Spanish Armada defeated in 1588?
  22. Explore the enquiry: When was Elizabeth most threatened between 1569-1588?
  23. How were people educated in Elizabethan society?
  24. How did people's leisure time change during the Elizabethan period?
  25. Why did poverty and vagabondage increase in Elizabethan England?
  26. How well did Elizabeth deal with the problems of the poor?
  27. What drove Elizabethans to explore the New World?
  28. Why did the English want to colonise Virginia and how did Raleigh organise the project?
  29. What was the impact of the colonisation of Virginia and why did it fail?
  30. Explore the enquiries. What was Elizabeth I's greatest challenge?