Lesson overview: Abrahamic origins

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In this unit on Islam Beliefs, we will begin our first lesson on the Life of Ibrahim. We will be focusing on the following main question: ‘How significant is the life of Prophet Ibrahim for Muslims today?’ We will explore some key events of the life of Prophet Ibrahim, his mission to call people to monotheism and his significance for Muslims today. If you have the TV or music on, now is the time to switch it off. If you are not using your mobile phone for this lesson, it is best advised to put it away so it doesn't distract you. You will need a black or blue pen and another colour pen such as green or red for corrections, some paper or your exercise book and more importantly a curious brain and attentive ears! Any reference to verses from the Qur’an mentioned or included within this lesson are sourced from 'Corpus Quran' using the Sahih International translation.



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