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For some aspiring teachers undertaking initial teacher training (ITT), access to schools throughout 2020/21 has been impacted by the pandemic. In some cases this has reduced opportunities to observe and learn from teachers in the classroom.

We’ve produced a set of videos that ITT providers may wish to use to support their trainees in observing, deconstructing, analysing and adapting lessons.

The lessons for ITT have been created by practising teachers and are intended to provide a perspective on how each teacher thinks about the planning and delivery of an asynchronous lesson, and are not a claim of best practice in a broader sense. We hope providers and trainees find them useful, and really welcome feedback.

Available for English, maths and science (with further subjects in development), at both primary and secondary phases, the videos are formed in pairs of:

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An Oak National Academy lesson

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An ITT lesson video that deconstructs the Oak National Academy lesson

The lessons for ITT are versatile and can be embedded in a variety of ways to support trainees at different stages. Specific suggestions on how they could be used by ITT providers will follow based on feedback on the initial videos.

Oak has worked with experts and ITT sector representatives to ensure the videos exemplify key elements of the Core Content Framework (2019), which was developed by the Department for Education in collaboration with sector experts. The framework sets out the minimum entitlement for all trainees that ITT providers must draw upon when designing and delivering their programmes.

Lessons for ITT video structure

The ITT lesson video is sectioned into five parts, which align with the Core Content Framework (and the Teacher Standards):

Part 1:

Prior knowledge

  • How Pupils Learn (TS2 Promote Good Progress)
  • Classroom Practice (TS4 Plan and Teach Well Structured Lessons)
  • Adaptive Teaching (TS5 Adapt Teaching)
  • Assessment (TS6 Make Accurate and Productive Use of Assessment)

Part 2:


  • Subject and Curriculum (TS3 Demonstrate Good Subject and Curriculum Knowledge)
  • Classroom Practice (TS4 Plan and Teach Well Structured Lessons)

Part 3:

Check for Understanding

  • Classroom Practice (TS4)
  • Assessment (TS6)

Part 4:


  • How Pupils Learn (TS2)
  • Curriculum (TS3)
  • Classroom Practice (TS4)

Part 5:


  • Assessment (TS6)

Lesson videos for ITT: